Moods & Memories of 2016

Hey lovely people,

So much fun, so many challenges… Ahh what a year it’s been! In today’s post I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings about this year and also my plans for the next one. 2016 has been very busy but absolutely amazing at the same time. Let’s see what happened:

I started this year with a wonderful 2 week holiday in Thailand with my boyfriend. I’ll definitely write a blog post about our South-East Asian adventures soon, so stay tuned. 


Got the idea of Mood Bistro blog in January, started working on it in March and has launched it in July. This was my main project in 2016. I’m sooo happy and thankful. Of course I do hope that in the future I could have it as my job but for now it’s just a hobby. 
Here are my 5 favourite Mood Bistro posts from this year:

Got a new job in March at Geometry Global Advertising Agency. This new workplace has been providing so many professional experiences, I can’t explain how many exciting projects we worked on.

My cute doggie turned 5 in June. I love him so much. 


Another personal highlight for me was attending the wedding of two of my best friends in September and in October. I’m glad we could celebrate their happiness together.

Had a fabulous 3 week holiday in the USA. Check my New York travelogue if you are in travelling mood.  

I got engaged in November during our holiday and I’m organizing my wedding for October 2017. YAY! 


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In 2017 I’d love to spend more time with content creating. In these days I update my blog once a week. (I tried to keep 7-10 days between posts.) My plan is to publish posts twice on a weekly basis in the future. Well, we’ll see how I can manage that. 

Certainly I’ll share my experiences about my wedding preparations. There’s still a lot to do (decoration, invitations, the dress etc.)  2017 promises to be an eventful and fun-filled year!

Thank you for visiting Mood Bistro during 2016. I hope you had a magical Christmas with your loved ones and I wish you Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart. I’ll be back in 2017! Until then please make sure to follow my journey in the social world.

Hugs, Sophie