Autumn mood - Stationery obsession


Happiness inspires productivity.
— Shawn Achor

Happy new season!

However I haven’t been to school in over 10 years, I do love overloading my office desk with new stationery bits and bobs. I know that I don’t need that many post-its and colourful highlighters, but using them always fills me with joy. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. :)

When I was a student there were two reasons why I wanted to go back to school in September: 1) Meeting with friends again. 2) New pencil case, new pens, new backpack, new booklets etc. I remember the excitement I felt while shopping new stuff. Actually it didn’t change much over the years; I’m still obsessed with all things stationery.


Summer is over, and autumn brings fresh beginnings and new possibilities. It’s also time to get organised and plan ahead. I guess it's much easier with these pretty office essentials and I also feel more motivated and productive. How about you? :)