Mood boost - Stay positive


Hello lovely people, 

It’s been a while since I last posted here, sorry for the long silence. Unfortunately in the past few weeks I have been dealing with some health issues and I needed to take a few days off work to get better. Due to current situation I rescheduled Mood Bistro’s posts and today I just write about my thoughts and feelings. 

When something bad happens I always try to divert my attention from the negative thoughts and stay in a good mood. What really helps is a favourite book, TV show and magazines but I also like planning my next holiday. 

Fave quotes from Pinterest

Fave quotes from Pinterest


My current fave TV series are House of Cards, The Walking Dead and I’m also a huge fan of Criminal Minds. Each episode provides 40-50 minutes entertainment and helps me a lot to completely switch my brain off. 


As I mentioned I also like planning new adventures. This is the perfect way to lift my mood when I’m feeling down and depressed. I’m counting down the days to my wedding and my honeymoon. These are so lovely events and I love organizing them. It won’t be a big surprise for many people who know us that we’re planning to go back to the USA for our honeymoon! There’s an American obsession for sure. 

USA inspo from Pinterest

USA inspo from Pinterest

I’m organizing our annual 4 day getaway with my Mom for Spring as well. You might already know that we like going on a trip/short city visit together once a year. In 2016 we visited Scotland, which was such a wonderful holiday. Check out my Scotland travelogue and I also shared my Glasgow shopping adventures.  This year we’ll spend a couple of days in Rome, Italy. 


If these won’t be enough, moving house is also on our list for this year.  So much fun! I can’t go into details now but I’ll keep you updated in the near future. For House & Home inspiration I like using Houzz app. You can search for photos, products, professionals, collect ideas and so on. Highly recommended beside Pinterest. By the way, Pinterest... There’s a lots to catch up on Mood Bistro’s boards: Wedding ides / House & Home / Travel / Food & Drink and more.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you’ll be a frequenter of Mood Bistro if you’re not yet. 

Stay positive.

Hugs, Sophie