Spring mood & Motivation – In the office


Hi there lovely people, how are you doing?

It was the longest break I had in blogging since I started Mood Bistro last summer. And I feel I need to explain why that happened. In the last few weeks, I was so overwhelmed and exhausted with work I hardly had any free time even for having a rest and getting a good night’s sleep.
As you may know, I work at an advertising agency as an account manager and I’m 100% dedicated to a brand. Well, what happened is that I got a new project, and I had to manage that besides my own brand. Tight deadlines, extra requests, tons of issues and overtime… there was everything.
I couldn’t even post on Instagram which I used to do on a daily basis. I hate that I lose my energy and motivation by the end of the working day because I put so much effort in the tasks I have at work. And I only have time for Mood Bistro in the evenings or at weekends.
I would like to have time and energy for creating great content and enjoying making that. Now it seems that better days are coming (it’s already April that’s insane) and finally here’s the weekend so I can get into blogging mood again.


When I started creating this blog post literally weeks ago… I thought I would show my current fave stationery bits and bobs I bought for the new season, but meanwhile, I changed my mind. I hope that motivating myself could motivate you as well, therefore I would like to share some motivational tips and quotes. Sooo here I come with the next post from my “Spring mood” mini-series with a motivational addition. 😉


To-do-lists just put us under pressure. Who needs another stress source? So why not to make a “Get done’ list? (The opposite of to the to-do list.) Outlining all of the tasks we completed at the end of each day or week would make us satisfied and motivated for sure. Ready for the new challenges! 👊


Okay, this depends on personal preferences but I’m convinced that everybody needs to dedicate at least 30 minutes each day to read or watch something that will inspire/motivate. I love inspirational books/quotes and I also like watching motivational YouTube videos. ♡ How about you?



We all know the saying “You get what you give." And when it comes to motivation and inspiration this is so true. Be a source of positive energy for other people. Creating positive energy could uplift everybody including you. 😊


I like listening to music when I need to focus on what I’m doing. Music affects the brain in many positive ways. 🎶 For example, I do feel that it helps to be productive. I recently read an interesting article about how music affects our brains and bodies. You can read it here if you fancy that.

Motivational pencils from Etsy

Motivational pencils from Etsy


Tidy desk, tidy mind. And what’s better than a tidy desk? A tidy desk with many colourful stationery bits and bobs. 😊 I recently bought some great office stuff in Flying Tiger Copenhagen (or simply TIGER) store and from Etsy and I’m sure those will uplift my working days. 
#tigeroffice #etsy

I’d love to hear your motivational tips or fave quotes if you have. Do you like stationery as well? Let me know down below. 😊

So that’s it for today I do hope you enjoyed reading this quite long post and that you excuse my long absence… So sorry for that. I try my best to bring the next post soon. Enjoy Sunday!

Hugs, Sophie