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Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.
— Walt Disney

Hi there lovely people,

You may know that I’m a little bit obsessed with the USA, and of course, my honeymoon is organized to the West coast. Can’t wait! ♡
Today I would like to share some of my absolutely fabulous memories about my USA holiday 2016. Let's jump right in!  😊
After spending 6 wonderful days in the Big Apple last November, we headed to Florida, Orlando for the rest of our holiday (about 10 days). The city is also known as "The Theme Park Capital of the World”. Ohh yes it is! Below you can read a brief summary about my top 3 theme parks with some tips/suggestions that might be useful if you are planning to visit these parks.

Magic Kingdom Theme Park

When most people picture Disney World, they picture Magic Kingdom. Many people actually mistakenly think the two names are interchangeable, but Magic Kingdom is really just one of Disney’s 4 theme parks. But from my point of view, it’s definitely the best among the 4 parks. If you have just one day for Disney World choose Magic Kingdom. 👑 You won’t regret.   

The tickets are quite expensive to all theme parks, so prepare for that. If you would like to avoid crowd (which is almost impossible) try to choose off-peak days to visit. You can find useful information about this topic here.

The park’s centrepiece is Cinderella Castle

The park’s centrepiece is Cinderella Castle

👍 My tips to all theme parks:

  • Buy the unlimited express ticket! Yes, it’s more expensive but worth every penny. With the unlimited express ticket, you can skip all the lines and go as many times as you wish on a roller coaster.
  • Another tip is to eat smart on a theme park day. Roller coasters could be a bad influence on your stomach. To avoid sickness eat a small brekkie, drink just water and only have a bigger meal in the afternoon after the rough rides.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Since Islands of Adventure is next to Universal Studios we definitely wanted to visit both parks. Originally we wanted to spend 1 full day in Universal Studios and another full one in Island of Adventure. What happened is that we’ve spent 2 days in Island of Adventure. 😊 Universal Studios remained below expectations, thus we decided to go back to Island of Adventure for the afternoon. I can't explain why we didn't like it; after a fantastic day in Island of Adventure it just wasn’t exciting enough for us…  

The Incredible Hulk roller coaster

The Incredible Hulk roller coaster

Dudley do right's ripsaw falls ride

Dudley do right's ripsaw falls ride

Island of Adventure is consistently rated at the top of the list for Orlando theme parks. And I have to say that for me it was the most enjoyable of every park we visited in Orlando. Absolute favourite! All roller coasters are like adrenalin bombs, it is so much fun. 😊

👍 Suggestions from me:

  • Prepare to get wet on "Dudley do right's ripsaw falls" ride and "Jurassic Park River Adventure" ride. 💦 Bring a change of clothes or have 5 dollars for the “Dryer” (People can stand into the machine and it dries them with hot air).  
  • With the unlimited express ticket, you can skip all the lines The only one exception is the Harry Potter ride. Unfortunately, it’s one of the best rides in the park. If you are lucky you can get within 25 minutes, if not it can take 60 minutes…
  • You are not allowed to bring anything on some roller coasters and you should take it seriously if you don’t want to lose your mobile or your purse. Take your belongings to the lockers.
  • If you are not used to cutting edge rides, I also don’t recommend starting the experience in the front seat. ⚠
    Make sure you like it and you enjoyed it, and then go for it.
  • My eating tips apply in particular to this park. (There are many high-speed roller coasters here.) So be aware of that Dear.

Sea World

Thrill rides, leisure rides, shows, aquatic life… You can find all of these experiences in Sea World. It’s a great place both for children and adults. The park offers a variety of entertaining and enlightening shows and the opportunity to get up close to aquatic life. Seeing a Sea Lion show, cuddling with dolphins in the Dolphin Cove and visiting the Manatee Rehabilitation Area are great memorable experiences. 😊

Manta roller coaster 

Manta roller coaster 

Okay. Let’s talk about the rides. You don’t even think that Sea World is also a brilliant place for thrill-ride fans. It has the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in Orlando, it is called Mako. Alongside sister coasters Kraken and Manta, SeaWorld Orlando now could bolster the park's goal of being less dependent on live animals as entertainment.  

How about you? Do you like theme parks just like I do? 😊  Which are our favourite rides? Please share with me down below.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post; wish you a lovely week ahead. 😉

Hugs, Sophie