Spring mood - In the bathroom


Enjoy the little things.

Ohh hello there lovely people,
First of all, I am so sorry for the long silence, March seems to be way busier than I expected. But here I come with a new beauty related post! ♡ This is the first of my “Spring mood” mini-series, hope you’ll enjoy reading it. 

I usually switch my body care routine according to seasons and now as Spring has already arrived I have a good reason to purchase new skincare products. Last week I stopped by an Yves Rocher store. You may already know that this is one of my go-to stores when it comes to pampering & “having me time”.  I’m impressed by Yves Rocher’s skin care products, especially by their Les Plaisirs Nature range. This time I’ve chosen the following products:

The products contain botanical based ingredients, however, these products are not organic. What’s also good to know is that the products are paraben free and also free of mineral oils.
I already tried the shower oil and the body lotion and both are really nice. Love the Lavandin and Blackberry combo, very relaxing but refreshing at the same time. My skin feels extremely soft and silky after using the products. 

Well, to sum up, I came out in a much better mood from the bathroom and that’s what only matters. 
Spring mood-boosting suggestion: Get naked and wash your worries away. 😉

How about Dears? Do you like Yves Rocher products too? Let me know what are your fave skin care products in this season. 

Hugs, Sophie