Valentine’s mood– Bruce Willis


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought I’d share my thoughts and habits regarding this holiday. As I already mentioned in my previous post, I am not a huge fan of “classic celebration”. Let’s be honest with each other it’s a bit overhyped in these days, isn’t it? In my opinion love should be expressed all year round, and not just one particular day. Anyway, let me share our Valentine ritual with you. ☺


On our first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend, now fiancé in 2013, we went to the cinema. The premier of the new Bruce Willis Die Hard episode: A Good Day to Die Hard was exactly on the 14th of February here in Hungary. Very nice timing.  ☺ Fortunately we both like Bruce and the Die Hard series, so it was no question we’ll watch that new episode and celebrate the love with Bruce Willis. We enjoyed the film and the whole evening together, thus we decided to make Valentine’s Day a Bruce Willis Day for the future. ☺

Macaron & Champagne is a very nice combo for a Bruce Willis evening :)

Macaron & Champagne is a very nice combo for a Bruce Willis evening :)

Every year on the 14th of February we choose one of his films and watch that lying on the couch with some sweet snacks. I am happy that we created our own habit for this holiday. We celebrate this day but in our own way and that’s the point. This day should be fun. And it could be even more fun if this day would be a public holiday. ☺ As far as I know it isn’t that in any country... 

Please share your Valentine’s habits if you have and I would also appreciate your Bruce Willis film recommendations for Tuesday. ☺

Hugs, Sophie