Testing mood - Almond Milk & Honey


Hey there lovely people, Happy February!

It’s time for a new B E A U T Y post, the first in 2017.  I’m excited to share my current winter skincare faves. By the way, WINTER. I think winter definitely needs a vacation now; it worked really hard in the last few months… Both my mood and my skin needs sunny days and warmer temperature, it’s still frickin’ freezing in here.  Can’t wait for Spring! 


Due to very cold weather I decided to try The Body Shop’s new body care range, Almond Milk & Honey. This range is simply amazing, perfect choice for dry and sensitive skin. It leaves your skin glowing and super moisturized all day long. I love using these products; it puts me in a really good mood. 

Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.
— Paul Theroux

I think this quote perfectly conveys my thought about this season. We all know that summer bodies are made in winter. But don’t forget, that paying attention to our body includes our skin as well. This stuff really “Gently Does It”. 



The “Gently Does It” gift set is absolutely beautiful with a cute white bow on the box. I think it could be a very nice Valentine’s Day ♡ gift option for girlfriends or wives. Are you excited for Valentine's Day? When I was younger, I used to think it was romantic. Now I think it's over hyped here in Hungary... Anyway, these products are perfect gift ideas for any occasion, believe me. ☺ 

Please let me know your experiences with Body Shop products. I'd love to hear from you. 

Hugs, Sophie