Social mood – Fave Instagram accounts


A picture is worth a thousand words.

I do believe in that quote above.  Maybe that’s why I prefer image-focused social media channels such as Instagram or Pinterest.
Instagram is my most used social platform with Mood Bistro. I enjoy following accounts that are similar to my own, but what I really like is when there’s a concept, a theme behind the photos.

I am the kind of person who makes her choices according to her mood, so there’s no question that my theme should be the mood.  
You can read more about the idea of Mood Bistro blog here, if you’re interested. 

Beside entertainment, I like using Instagram for visual inspiration, motivation and it also helps my rocking my creativity. Providing creative, colourful content on the blog and in the social world is my main mission so I need more and more inputs.
Less words, more pictures, let’s see my 5 favourite Instagram accounts. All these profiles are beautiful, I recommend you to check them out. 

♡ ♡ ♡


If you’re craving sweets, you should definitely visit Manuela’s pastel wonderland. 😍 Brilliant photos, high quality step by step videos, endless recipes… I always get into baking mood when scrolling down her Instagram flow. (Avoid when trying to lose weight...)



Tasha is an extremely talented health foodie, food stylist and photographer. Her illustrations are just admirable.
I imagined Mood Bistro a vibrant, colourful place and I’m satisfied with the result so far, however when I check Tash’s gallery I feel there’s still room for improvement. ☺ Her “saturated” colourful content is a great example for me to follow.



Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Flourish PR, Content Creator for YouTube…  Sounds exciting huh? Ange is a role model for every woman who’d like to achieve success and happiness both in business and in personal life. I follow her life for many many years now and she has been giving so much motivation, I can’t be grateful enough for that.  She’s a versatile person and her Instagram profile I just as varied and bright as her life and her personality. 



I recently discovered this account and I’m obsessed with it! It’s a thematic page with brilliant collages of other users’ snapshots. Love the idea of this profile and the selections are just amazing. New theme every week! #MyWeekofMeTime 



Magical pictures of nice places, people, cute animals and nature. Every photo is a masterpiece; with Earthpix you can travel everywhere around the world. The account has over 10 million followers. Well, it's not a coincidence.  Definitely a feed for travel lovers!


Please share what inspires you! And also make sure to follow Mood Bistro on Instagram
Hugs, Sophie