Shopping mood - Glasgow


Although it's been awhile since we spent 4 wonderful days in Scotland with my Mom, I thought I would like to share my Scotland shopping experiences. Better later than never. :) This is the first “haul” related blog post on Mood Bistro, so I am super excited to show you my “new” purchases :)

Let’s starts with clothes:

While shopping I try to focus on buying quality stuff.  I didn’t always used to be this way, but in the last few years I try not to shop on impulse (because it’s cheap and looks cool…) I have fewer clothes but the ones I do have are really special to me. This time I invested in classic well-made pieces from Marks and Spencer. I’m obsessed with M&S; it provides brilliant quality and wide range of flattering everyday essentials for women.

Beauty products:

However I’ve held back from going crazy, some beauty bits and bobs accidentally jumped into my luggage and came home with me… :)

When I’m in the UK I always go for Vaseline and Lush products. Vaseline’s lip therapy is simply amazing, perfect base for lip liners and lipsticks. Lush is a recent fave brand of mine, I’ve only just begun to discover its product range. The salted coconut hand scrub is a new essential of my SPA rituals.


Last but definitely not the least a short fragrant story: I’ve always wanted a signature scent, but I always came out of the department store perfume section empty-handed. I was soo unlucky at finding a fragrance that could “define” me that I will love enough to “own” as my signature scent! Until now! I think I’ve finally found my THE perfume :) It’s the Victoria’s secret Scandalous Eau de Parfum. I’m sooo happy for that! ✮✮✮✮✮
Do you have a signature scent as well? 


I have to admit that I didn’t think too much what to bring home as souvenir for my loved ones. The best choice from UK is definitely Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. You can’t go wrong with that. :) Beside tons of chocolate I also purchased Scottish lambswool scarf. Not just a nice gift but a perfect accessory for this season. 


How about you? Do you like shopping while on vacation? :)