Professional mood - My top 5 TV commercials


Ohh hello Everybody! I am sooo sorry I skipped last weekend’s post. Working days are very hectic; loads of projects are going on with a new client so I’m super busy... This is the second time I start a blog post with “excuses” why I don’t blog the way I want, so I thought this time I'd stay on topic and write about some profession related things. Hope you’ll enjoy :)  

Well, as you may know I have been working in the ad industry for more than 6 years now. I’m currently working at an international advertising agency as a member of Account Management team. I don’t want to go into details about my tasks or responsibilities, you can check my LinkedIn page if you are interested.

I like what I do, however it can be really stressful and exhausting and sometimes I lose my motivation. In such cases I need to remind myself why I have chosen this profession.


I think the main reason behind my decision is the creative part. I like how colourful, varied and exciting ad world is. I would like to show a tiny piece of how cool it is, so I thought I'd share my top 5 TV commercials. Let's jump right in :)


Beer commercials are always super creative. Love them! There are sooo many great spots, it was really hard to choose one. I also like the Bud Light and Heineken spots, I reccommend to check those out as well ;)


I came across this commercial last year, when I was searching for production companies for possible collaboration. Immediately became a favourite. “Meet Stirling Gravitas, gold medallist at life.” Hilarious!   


This is my old time favourite, simply the best. :)


The list won’t be complete without a blonde woman commercial. 


Last but not least this commercial.. is also a masterpiece. The idea is soo good I wish it was mine. Unfortunately it cannot be found on YouTube, but here is the link, definitely worth to check out. 

How about you? Do you like your profession? 
Which commercial do you like the most of my top 5? :)