Cool off - Refreshing lemonade mood


When hot summer days roll around, the best way to beat the heat is to treat with a glass of amazing homemade lemonade. Weather I need to feel calm after busy day or would like to shake up my weekend, I always try new variations of these cool drinks.


My top 3 summer mood boosters are Classic lemonade, Strawberry lemonade and Watermelonade. Classic is not old-fashioned.  It is a perennial favourite, which requires just a few ingredients: lemon, sugar and water. Strawberry lemonade is an amazingly refreshing beverage and also super-easy to make. The result looks just as fabulous as it tastes. The key is a balanced acidity and sweetness. And how about Watermelonade? Firstly, I like its name, it’s just awesome. This summer fruit flavoured but not too sweet variant would be a perfect choice for a grill party.  It’s worth to make a big batch.

Which variations do you like the most? Would like to know the recipe for them? Just let me know down below.

Do you have great lemonade recipes? Please share! :)