My essentials - Good hair day mood


I think I am not really adventurous as for my hairstyle. Actually, I've been wearing pretty much the same style for years. Well, that’s not totally true, because I was experimenting with my hair colour and tried many shades of red, but the length and shape did not changed a lot in the last 4 years.

Our hair should be one of our fashion accessories just like an expensive necklace or a cashmere scarf. We have to take care of it; however, we often don’t pay enough attention to maintain our hair healthy and beautiful.
I always use high quality products such as Milkshake Leave-in conditioner and Matrix Biolage Moringa oil. I also try to protect my hair as much as possible, thus I rarely use curling or flat iron. I think visiting our stylist every 8 weeks to get ends trimmed is also necessary. In terms of colour appointments, it all depends on individual preference, personally I like visiting my hairstylist in every 4-5 weeks. My natural colour is dark brown but I have it colored in mahogany red. 

My daily hairstyles mostly depend on my mood. Simple high or low pony tail, messy bun, wavy/curly look… There are many options to choose from. Have fun with it! :)

What are your favourite hair care products?

Products I use regularly:

  • Yves Rocher “Couleur”: Botanical Hair Care Protection and Radiance Shampoo

  • Yves Rocher “Couleur”: Botanical Hair Care Protection and Radiance Conditioner

  • Milk Shake Leave in Conditioner

  • Matrix Biolage Exquisite Replenishing Treatment with Moringa Oil

  • Balmain Spa Brush

  • Tangle teezer