Trendy hobby - Colouring mood


Last Christmas I got a colouring book from one of my closest friends.  I remember my first thoughts and questions in my head: How old am I? When will I spend my time colouring? :) My friend told me that if I would follow the trends then I would probably be aware of the fact that colouring books are not only for kids anymore. It’s a trendy hobby and why not to give it a try?

When I opened the book I found myself in a relaxing world where I can concentrate on my thoughts, on myself. I call it “me time”. I just let myself to dive and loss in the colours and enjoy the stress free time with birds, butterflies and plants. In the Secret Garden.

Johanna Basford created her beautifully illustrated colouring books as a way to chill out. I’m glad she did so! Be the part of the latest craze!

Which colouring books do you recommend? :)