Kitchen accessories - A mug of good mood


There are some basic items we definitely need to have in our kitchen. Cooking is much easier if we use the right tools such as premium knives, pans, bowls, measuring spoons etc. But I believe that kitchen supposed to be not just fictional but also a creative, colourful room in our home.  

Usually I get my kitchen accessories from Tchibo and IKEA. You can never go wrong with Tchibo homeware stuffs. I like starting my day with checking their current offers on their webshop. :)

I often buy items just for decoration purposes. Why not to decorate your kitchen?  It’s is also a frequently used room in our home, just like living room or bedroom. A nice, patterned mug collection looks great on the shelf and also could bring a huge smile on your face when you are about to choose one for your morning coffee.

How about you? Do you have favourite kitchen accessories too?