A cup of good mood – Tea


Now that’s what I call a HOT DATE.

Since it's is almost over, I really try to enjoy every moment of this lovely season. Crisp air, movie nights, warm fireplace, cuddles and snuggles, candles, pumpkins and hot drinks...  By the way, hot drinks! It’s “finally” cold enough to have a cup of hot chocolate, cacao or tea and get cozy on the couch. Isn't that awesome?!

The best way to combat the cooling weather (not to mention Mr. Winter...) is definitely a warm, soothing cup of tea. It also gives you a chance to wind down and relax. Get into the habit of taking a few minutes out of your day to enjoy a cup of tea, you won’t regret.


 I’ve gathered three of my favorite teas for you to try this season. I prefer fruit teas but I do hope that you’ll like at least one of these.☺ 



Do you enjoy the cool season as well? What kind of tea do you like?

Let me know down below.