A hearty hello from Budapest, Hungary! I am Sophie, the creator of Mood Bistro.

I’ve been working in the ad industry for many years – and frankly, if you work in advertising, you really need to find a way to relax. And when things are about to be overwhelming, you just go to your happy place to get some peace and energy.

So, I created my very own hideaway. It’s like an island - in my head. A magical little place that changes every day, depending on my state of mind. This is no wonder because I am the kind of person who makes her choices according to her mood. Let’s say I woke up this morning and I was in the mood of eating watermelon (yum). I would definitely put on some pink lip gloss and wear a pair of bright green shoes. And my day would be gorgeous.

My inner island creates a happy, colourful and inspiring environment where I can be relaxed and entertained at any time. I wanted to share this feeling.

I started this blog so everyone can join my experience.

I call it Mood Bistro because here, just like in a real bistro, you can start your day, have a quick break in the daytime or chill out at evenings. But it is not food you choose from the menu – it’s mood.

Welcome to Mood Bistro!

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Enjoy your stay :)